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Second Avenue Capital Partners is a Schottenstein affiliate, one of the most respected names in retail and consumer businesses. Our affiliation gives us an intimate understanding of the many challenges businesses face. We leverage the experience of retail operators and product merchants to provide an array of customized capital solutions.

Many companies have turned to Second Avenue Capital Partners as a vital resource for the capital necessary to recover, effectuate strategy, and achieve financial objectives. Our tailored financing solutions provide greater flexibility and liquidity than other capital providers.

JCR: 'Apocalypse' to Pandemic:

The following article was penned by SACP’s Michael Sullivan and Mark Gallivan for the June 2021 issue of the Journal of Corporate Renewal

The retail industry has endured several challenges since the start of the global pandemic. While several big-name retailers have filed for bankruptcy, others once again evolved their businesses to survive and flourish. Retailers have broadly recognized the necessity to adapt their business models to withstand the COVID-19 disruption and plan for a future in the post-pandemic era.

Professionals working closely with retailers must consider what will likely be the sustained impact on the retail community. The scrutiny of a retailer’s business model will focus on new risks and opportunities that have come into play and the reexamination of collateral and exit strategies. It seems the most certain thing in the modern retail era is uncertainty.

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